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There's Many Types Of Life Insurance, It's Not All Focussed On Death!

Preparing for Death

Everybody knows that there is really only one certainty in life. Once you're born, you are fated to no longer be here again at some, hopefully distant, point in the future. Yes, you will die.

Why is this such a taboo that people feel awkward talking about? Of course, we don't need to be moping about all day worried about when the big day will come, but it really shouldn't be such of a big deal to prepare for it properly.

Historically, one of the most common ways that people have tried to plan for this eventuality is by taking out life insurance policies. These policies are a great way to give your loved ones a bit of peace of mind about how your passing will not impact too much on them financially.

This is all good and well, but what if you need to put those life insurance premiums to more life worthy causes before you actually die? We accept that we're all going to die, but what good is that if before we do, the life insurance policy can't provide any assistance in the event of a life-changing illness or some other tragedy?

It's time for new life insurers like Bequest to enter the stage

Locked in policies where you can only get a payout 30-years down the line- no, thank you.

A thousand intrusive questions about your day to day lifestyle- go away, please.

A rigorous medical exam to ensure you are not about to croak- don't be silly.

The old way of doing things is outdated in many ways. That's why it's time for companies run by people like you to enter the market and make life insurance a more appealing product.

With Bequest, policies can be jumped in and out over time as we understand that people's priorities can change over time. If you need to take time out on your payments, no problem. You can just start again from where you left off when it's more convenient for you.

And the onboarding process is more like signing up for Netflix than the bad old days of life insurance where a million questions and multiple forms needed to be completed. In fact, you can zip through it all while enjoying a latte.

Most importantly, there is no need for any medical check-up. By incorporating things like deep data and research, Bequest can already work out the risk level of your policy from the less than ten answers you have to give when signing up.

Oh, and do you remember that latte you were drinking? Great. The monthly premium is now quite likely to cost you less than that thanks to the fact that Bequest cuts out the middlemen and brings the savings straight to you.

It's also no longer only about death

As mentioned at the outset, life insurance policies no longer need to be simply about what happens when you die. With Bequest, you can tailor your cover so that it includes options to cover you in the event of illness, job loss, and a number of other circumstances that could see you have a real need for a cash boost.

In this way, you no longer need to think about life insurance as being something that is only there at the very end. It still can be, but it can also be much more useful to you and your loved ones while you're still alive.

There is absolutely nothing strange about being worried about the end, especially when you start to take on new responsibilities in your life. Homes, husbands, children. All of these factors make your life what it is, but it is also natural to worry about how it would all be if you were no longer around.

With Bequest, these big concerns are turned into a simple process that will leave you with great peace of mind. And one that will allow you to focus more on enjoying the time that you do have here.

James Buckley-Thorp - Founder - Bequest

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