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Do Women In The UK Need Life Insurance Just As Much As Men?

Life Insurance for Mums

Modern life has moved on a lot in the last few decades or so. There are still many issues within society when it comes to equality but, in most instances, long gone are the days when women were considered second-class citizens.

Yay, society! The strange thing about this, however, is that in many respects, women have not started to take up insurance products in the same way that men do.

In the past, this was understandable, as men were the breadwinners and the women stayed at home to take care of the house and kids. Obviously a massive overgeneralization, but this was the way many people envisioned a perfect society.

Now with women at the very top of all industries and breaking down new barriers every day in the workplace, it is more important than ever that you should also get the right insurance cover.

What kinds of cover are there for women?

Most of the cover is exactly the same as those that you would find for men. Life insurance is what it says on the tin. But we're not in the 50s anymore. Life insurance is a much more accessible and flexible product than it was even in the recent past.

With a simple on-boarding process that takes no more than 5 minutes and without any medical check-up, you can go from uncovered to fully insured in the space of a latte. And there is also no longer any need for you to take out a 20-year policy with no chance to escape. The best insurers now give you the opportunity to jump in and out of payments if your circumstances change for any reason.

As women are obviously the superior species, there are also special considerations that need taking into account when it comes to life insurance. If you're thinking about having a baby in the near future, it could be a great idea to get life insurance before you do. Health risks obviously increase a bit when you're carrying a little human around inside of you for 9 months and policies taken out by pregnant women will often come with higher premiums.

Why is life insurance important for women?

For the same reasons that it is for men. Life is unpredictable and an insurance policy can give peace of mind against all eventualities.

A life insurance policy also doesn't need to mean that it only pays out in the event of your death. Many companies now give you the opportunity to tailor your life insurance policy to suit your needs.

if disaster strikes and you are struck down by a serious illness or are forced out of your job for some other reason, insurance policies can be put in place to provide you with some relief in these eventualities.

The unfortunate truth is that women are more susceptible to some life-changing diseases than men. Taking out a policy to cover you against this will mean you and your family are covered while you take the time out to get the care you need and recover.

It's not only about you

Life insurance is a bit of a touchy subject because while it might be called "life insurance", we all know that really means death insurance! Scary, yeah! But this is just one of those big realities we have to face up to as we get older and have more responsibilities in our lives.

A life insurance policy is there to take care of those you love when you are no longer around to take care of them yourself. There is no shame in being a bit wary about this whole process, but there really is no need to be.

Getting a policy in place has never been easier and the peace of mind it will bring more than makes up for the minor stress involved in tackling the subject in the first place.

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