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Where Should I Keep My Insurance Documents?

Life Insurance

Most households are filled with seemingly endless pieces of paper that relate to all manner of things. Whether it is insurance, car documents or bills, it can be hard to organize everything. It begs the question: Where should I keep my insurance documents?

Online documents

In this modern age, there is limited need to have paper documents. An increasing number of companies will store your documents online and it’s a service that Bequest offers. This can make it a lot easier and you don’t have to worry about losing them.

A great way to organize them is by bookmarking the webpages and then putting them into a folder. It will give you quick access to them whenever you need them. With this method, you know that you’ll always have instant access to them.

On your computer

As well as showing you these documents online, many of them will also allow you to download them as a PDF. This gives you an easy to access copy where you won't need to login to access them. You can read them just as easily as you can do a physical copy.

All you have to do is create a folder on your computer and keep them all in one place. It’s a brilliant way to organize and will help you out in the future, such as providing proof of no claims to a new car insurance company.

If you didn’t want them to be stored on one computer then you could transfer to these files to a USB drive or portable hard drive. Another option is to save them to the cloud to have access to them anywhere in the world, including on your phone.

Storage boxes

If you wanted to be a little more traditional then you could use storage boxes to keep insurance documents safe. To keep it simple, you can have just one box that you just keep insurance documents in and nothing else.

This is a good solution for those who like to have hard copies of documents but don’t want an ugly paper file in their home. A storage box can be a more elegant solution for filing insurance docs as your document needs as they come in many different sizes, shapes and designs.

File box/folder

The most traditional method of organizing your insurance document is with a file box or folder. They will often have tabs on them where you’ll be able to keep them separate. This is useful for those who still receive a lot of paper documents or prefer to use them.

These types of folders can become quite cluttered and therefore you want to keep on top of them and discard anything that is out of date. If you are getting rid of old documents, ensure that you’re doing so in a secure manner and shred them.

Accessing your insurance documents

Different documents will need to be accessed on different occasions. Here we take a look at what you need to consider.

Life insurance – Life is a unique type of insurance as you’re not going to be the one that needs to claim for it. Wherever you store it, it’s important that the executor of your will or a close family member knows where they can access your insurance documents.

Car insurance – You don’t need to carry your insurance documents in your car. It could even be seen as a security risk as if your car was stolen, they’d have access to your documents. That being said, it can be useful to have quick access to them. A great way to do this is to have the document stored on your phone. Remember if you don’t have your car insurance documents, you can always leave your personal details and get them at a later date.

Buildings and contents insurance – One of the reasons you need this insurance is in case of a house fire. In that situation, any paper documents could get destroyed. Being able to access your contents insurance documents online will prevent any delays in being able to make a claim.

Travel insurance – Many people will get travel insurance, head abroad but when it comes to needing it, don’t have any of the details. As well as saving the information to your phone it’s wise to print off a hard paper copy and keep it safely in your luggage.

Other insurance types – Most other insurance types (dental, pet, income protection) have fewer considerations and can be stored anywhere that makes you most comfortable. Wherever you store them, you want to have quick access to them.

Final thoughts

Here we have looked at all the different places that you’d be able to store your insurance documents. Wherever you decide to keep them, the best way is to always store them together, whether that is in a paper file, portable hard trip or web folder. If you need your insurance details then it’s usually not good news. You don’t want to add to that frustration by not being able to find your documents.

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