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Reasons To Consider Getting Life Insurance

Life Insurance

The first time I really listened to my Mum was when she spoke to me about how life insurance could have changed everything for her. I was 35 at the time and my Mum had only been back in my life for a few months. Before that, the last time I had seen her was before I started school. It's strange that a conversation about life insurance should have such an impact but it definitely changed my whole concept of just how important protecting your family can be.

At that time in my life, I was very much career orientated. I was also something of a nomad, but that was about to change. I was swapping my international lifestyle for a more settled existence with John who I was about to marry. The wedding was the whole reason for wanting to reconnect with a mother I didn't really know. It was easy to find her.

I still had contact with my Auntie Jane and her family. The new relationship with my mother was strained until the day of one of the most important conversations of my life.

The reason to choose a life insurance policy

My Mum sat down with me, over a coffee, and talked about her life with my Dad and me. It had been a good life. My Dad had a decent job working as a car salesman and my Mum was a PA at a local housing association. Life was pretty normal.

Until my Dad suffered a massive stroke at the age of 40 and left my Mum on her own with a child, a mortgage and no insurance. Apparently, there wasn't any reason for not having insurance; just a lack of thought.

As debts grew and her grief took over, my Mum had decided to take off and leave me with my Dad's family. She just reached overload and needed to get away.

That chat with my Mum was a bit of a turning point. We had a better relationship. It wasn't exactly the stuff of fairy tales but I had a better understanding. The real change in me was that I was completely consumed with the need to protect my potential family. My main concern had previously been whether I was going to miss a flight and which hotel would give me an upgrade.

Now, I was looking at life insurance policies alongside wedding invitation designs. It turned out that John already had a policy for himself, so I needed to look at what was the best life insurance choice for me.

I chose a term policy rather than whole life. The term of the policy was 20 years and it was only going to cost me £5 a month. There was a medical that I had to take but it was a basic test of my health and took less than 20 minutes.

Still happy with my life insurance choices after 15 years

Life hasn't exactly gone to plan over the last 15 years but I'm still delighted with the life insurance choices I made. 8 years ago, I even took out a top-up policy with another provider, when I split from John and took on my first solo mortgage.

Aside from the divorce itself, life has been unexpected in a good way. I've taken a totally different career path as an art therapist which gives me a huge sense of satisfaction. More importantly, John and I are jointly raising the twin boys that we didn't think we were ever going to have. Max and Jack turned 10 last month and they can both test my patience when they want to.

No matter how mad I get, it's still good to know that they'll be protected if anything happens to me. Taking out fixed term life insurance is one of the best decisions I have ever made, along with avoiding any form of reality TV. I'm pretty sure that both decisions have enhanced my life.

No regrets for the future

I may have a failed marriage behind me, along with some unwise employment choices, but I have absolutely no regrets. I have two great kids, a good career and I'm buying my own home. My mum and I still don't have a picture perfect relationship but she's in my life and she's there for the boys.

Most of all, I'm grateful to her for helping me to see the value of life insurance. This means that I have policies in place to make sure that Max and Jack have no money worries if something happens to me.

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