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Do Millennials Need Life Insurance?

Life Insurance

Life insurance is often seen as something older people should get. They're the ones who are close to death, right? Well, life insurance doesn't work like that. There are several reasons that life insurance is a good idea for everyone, including millennials.

Here we take a closer look at five solid reasons why you should look into getting life insurance.

Costs of life insurance are lower

As a general rule of thumb, the younger you are, the less your life insurance premiums are going to cost. The reasons for that are because when you look into a claim, several different risk factors are going to be assessed with one of the biggest ones being your age.

Due to this, you're likely to get a premium that is extremely affordable and manageable. If you get a flexible plan and you get more financial responsibilities, you can then add these to your life insurance and grow with your policy.

It's a great idea to start paying into it while your young as you never know when something tragic can happen. Life insurance can be a way of giving your family that financial lifetime should you pass away.

Paying off debt

Contrary to what many people believe, your debts don't always die with you. If you're all your debts are in your sole name and you have no estate then they won't have to be paid but there are other situations where they will.

If you have any type of joint debt, such as a co-signed agreement or guarantor loan, then the other person is still going to be liable for the debt if you pass away. This could leave them with a huge financial burden if they are unable to pay it.

One of the most common reasons to get life insurance is a mortgage but these scenarios can also apply to the likes of student loans and unsecured loans. If you have a joint liability then life insurance can act as great protection.

Others depend on your income

There is a good chance that other people are going to be relying on your income. If you live with a partner or have any dependent children then it's likely they are going to struggle financially if you're no longer around.

Life insurance is often seen as not required if you're renting but that is far from the truth. If you are relied upon to make those rent payments then who is going to make them if you pass away? Life insurance can be the lifeline that your family needs.

There are indirect costs too. Perhaps an elderly relative relies on you for their way of life or perhaps you're relied upon for childcare. There are numerous reasons why giving loved ones that safety net can be vital.

The cost of funerals

Even the cost of a basic funeral is going to be thousands of pounds. Someone is going to have to pay that when you're gone. For many people, this involves getting out a loan to pay for it and you don't want to leave someone with that burden.

Life insurance can be a great way to ensure that you have the funeral you deserve. Your family can stop worrying about how they are going to pay for it and instead will be able to plan a funeral without the guilt of not including things they can't pay for.

Death can be a stressful enough time for everyone involved. Adding financial worries to that mix can only make it worse for them. A funeral is another great reason to get life insurance.

You're high risk

Being high risk in terms of life insurance can mean several different things. It could mean that you have an existing medical condition or perhaps you have a dangerous job. If it's the latter then the insurance you get from your employer may just not be good enough.

If you may be at a higher risk of death then it's sensible to take precautions that are going to financially protect your family. Even if you don't have any financial responsibilities, it can give you the warmth that your family will receive a large sum of money when you're gone.

Final thoughts

Life insurance isn't for everyone and if you're young and single with no responsibilities then it's something you can wait to do. For many millennials, there can be plenty of reasons why now is the right time to get life insurance. If you're looking into it, make sure you get a policy that is flexible and one you can trust. Always seek advice when taking out financial products.

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