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How To Prepare For A Life Insurance Medical Exam

Life Insurance

It can be stressful going into a life insurance medical exam. It can play a huge role in what type of coverage you're going to get. Due to that stress, you can end up with results that aren't reflective of your health.

You want to take precautions that will allow you to give a true reflection of your health. Here we look at tips to get the right results for you.

1. Have the examination at home

People are always more relaxed at home and it's where you'll feel most comfortable. That will help with any blood pressure readings.

2. Wear light fitting clothes

Wearing the right clothes can be important for several reasons. It allows you to easily have a blood test but it will also stop you from overheating and getting worked up. Added to that, heavy cloths can also negatively affect your BMI.

3. Getting the right BMI

As well as the right clothes, you also want to take off your shoes for your BMI weight measurement. Also, as BMI is partially worked out by your height, make sure you're standing up straight. Slouching can take a couple of inches from your height.

4. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol

Both of these can have a negative effect on your body. Alcohol will show up in your blood results but both of them can increase your blood pressure. It's best to avoid them for two days before your test.

5. Stop smoking

While you need to be open and honest about your habit, an upcoming medical exam is a great time to quit. Not only will you need better for the examination but it will also improve your blood results.

6. Fast (if required)

It's important to ask ahead and make sure you know exactly what will be checked. Eating a large meal before your test could spike your blood sugar level. It's probably going to be a good idea to fast for around 12 hours before your examination.

7. Eat healthily

Eating healthier will help to reduce bad cholesterol and improve the profile of your blood work. This is also true of eating fatty or sugary foods. These can raise your glucose levels and also raise your blood pressure and it's therefore best to avoid these in the build-up to your examination.

8. Take control over the exam

You may need to have your blood drawn and that may cause anxiety. If so, ask to get it done first so you can then relax. If you feel as though your anxiety may affect your blood pressure, then ask them to leave that to the end when you have relaxed a little. Don't be afraid to take more control over the process.

9. Sleep and drink water

A lack of sleep can lead to many health issues and increase stress. If you're worried about the test, you may also forget to drink enough water. Having a hydrated body will also make taking a urine sample easier and also aid in drawing blood.

10. Don't exercise

It may be tempting to go for a run or other heavy exercise before your test but you should scale this back. Heavy exercise leads to an increased heart rate and also produce elevated levels of protein in your urine.

11. Be honest

Throughout your application process, it's important to be honest. You want to give consistent answers throughout but you also have to be mindful of voiding your policy. If you don't disclose something relevant then your family may have trouble with the eventual claim.

This will also help to keep your nerves to a minimum during any exam. Being honest will give you peace of mind that you're not going to have any issues. This honest also extends to the person completing your examination.

Let them know if there is any relevant information. This could be any mental health issue you have or even pregnancy. They can all affect your results and it's best to let people know. The underwriter can then use this information to interpret results more accurately.

12. Relax

Before your examination, try to relax as much as you possibly can. Whether this is doing a yoga session or listening to music, find what is right for you. This will reduce the level of stress that you have in your system and also help to reduce your heartrate.

If you find yourself becoming stressed during the examination then ask for five minutes to go through some breathing exercises and calm down. Take your time but try not to overthink it. The results you get are personal to you and you'll end up with a premium that is right for you.

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